About Us
Who we are and why we're doing this.
Hi.  My name is Dan Vinal.  I am the founder and executive director of WebPrez Videos.  I started the company with my eldest son Michael back in July of 2000.  Since then my daughter Donna has also joined our team.  We are a small company, and we are “virtual”.  This means that each of us work out of our own offices (or homes), which are all in different states or countries.  But we cooperate and collaborate over the internet, instead of within an office environment.

In addition to having been in business for almost 20 years selling insurance for business, estate and retirement planning, I have also been a student of “neuro” and “psycho” linguistics since my introduction to the study and research of linguistics while in college.  Both my business experience as a financial advisor, and my knowledge of behavioral linguistics, have resulted in the creation and development of WebPrez videos.
Dan Vinal
Executive Director
Michael Vinal
Technology Director
Donna Johansen
Business Administration
Robyn Luzaich
Production Manager
Carter Wilcoxson
Sales Manager
David Villalobos
Web Development
WebPrez, LLC.
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